‘star Trek: The Next Generation’ Cast Reunites For Comic Con Event; Capt. Picard On His Way | Deseret News

“For a moment here, we had a small insight into the sacrifices that these kids make for this country.” The audience responded with a standing ovation and each member of the panel descended into the crowd to embrace the young man. To lighten the mood, Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi in the series, said, “I’m going to do the splits now, just to make everybody laugh.” Sirtis kept the audience laughing throughout the evening by rearranging furniture, rejecting potential suitors and poking fun at her fellow cast members. Other memorable moments came from Frakes’ reciting of famous Star Trek dialogue, Spiner’s imitations of Captain Jean-Luc Piccard and Dorn’s self-deprecating thoughts about his character’s on-screen appearance. In the show, Frakes played Commander William Riker; Spiner was the robotic Lieutenant Commander Data; and Dorn starred as the Klingon, Lieutenant Worf. One fan asked the cast what they believed was the most appealing aspect of “The Next Generation,” which aired from 1987-1994. “I think it’s (Star Trek creator) Gene (Roddenbury’s) vision of hope for the future that’s resonated with the fans,” Frakes said. “There’s something about Star Trek.

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