Part Annoying, Part Adorable: Bitstrips Comics Go Viral


The seed money will help keep the service running until Blackstock and Panth figure out how to generate revenue from Bitstrips’ rapidly growing audience. One possibility: The company could charge users for extra Bitstrips features that would allow them to do things like insert themselves into comics that also feature characters from their favorite TV show or movie. Horizon Ventures’ backing of Bitstrips is notable because it is run by Li Ka-shing, whose track record includes early investments in other now-popular digital services such as Facebook, Spotify, Skype and Waze. Facebook now boasts a $144 billion market value while Skype sold to Microsoft for $8.5 billion and Waze sold for nearly $1 billion to Google . Spotify remains a privately held company that doesn’t disclose its finances, but the market value of its music streaming service has been pegged above $4 billion.

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