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As concepts go, its fun to see executed and Pelletier lays it out in an engaging and convincing manner. With some of the new status quo (under Parker) in place, Im eager to read the next issue. (Tim OShea) Kaare Andrews punches an Iron Fist directly into my heart This week Marvel announced that cartoonist/director Kaare Andrews will return to comics to launch an all-new Iron Fist ongoing series . Like some lightning-quick one-two punch from Bruce Lee, this news hit me with fast repetition due to my appreciation for Andrews work and the Iron Fist character. As a comics journalist I was privy to this news before it was announced for an embargoed story to run on another site, and I could barely rein in my excitement for this. But hey, lets try. My fandom aside, a new Iron Fist series holds a multitude of potential.

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