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and have continued to grow by leaps and bounds. In a billion-dollar marketplace with competition between over a million apps, its gratifying to rank as the Top Grossing non-game iPad App in the entire iTunes App Store, comiXology CEO David Steinberger said in a statement. This past year has been a great year for comics and comiXology! (JK Parkin) Turn out the lights, the Fart Partys over In her autobiographical graphic novels The Fart Party and Drinking at the Movies, Julia Wertz turned an unsparing eye on her alcoholismbut she also made it funny. Now in an essay, punctuated with comics, on the site she goes much deeper, starting with how depression, illness and alcoholism feed directly into her comedy. In real life and on paper, she writes, she alternates between cynicism and buffoonery, a combination that makes for great comics but a lousy lifestyle: However, in real life, those opposing personality dynamics created the classic Janus Mask lifestyle often utilized by chronic alcoholics. Wertz illustrates her essay with comics in her familiar, cartoony style as well as diary comics and letters that she sent to her studio-mates while she was in rehab. The contrasts are jarring, but they also show the power of combined words and pictures, as she draws the items she buys at the grocery store, contrasts her face in the mirror with her perceived image of herself, and depicts the lineup at medication time at the rehab facility.

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