Anelka Comic To Perform In The Uk: Man Behind Controversial ‘quenelle’ Gesture Says He Will Prove He Is ‘by No Means Racist’

Controversial: Here anti-Dieudonne M

‘Nicolas Anelka has my full backing – I am coming to Britain to support him. ‘Both myself and Nicolas Anelka are Frenchmen of African descent. The quenelle is our way of expressing anger against the establishment, and especially the establishment which allowed slavery to flourish. Uproar: Anelka’s gesture, the quenelle, has caused conflict in the UK and France over whether it is racist ‘We are brothers in humanity. Nicolas is a prince as far as I am concerned. I will always support my friend.’ Anelka has been charged by the Football Association with making a gesture which is considered abusive or indecent – an offence which carries a minimum five-game ban.

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