8th Grader Maalvika Bhat Creates ‘breadsters’ Comic Strip

United States Naan, Churro and Stud Muffin are some of the characters in an online weekly comic strip called Breadsters, written and drawn by eighth grader Maalvika Bhat of Cupertino, Calif. The enterprising Indian American middle-schooler has created a Web site (breadsters.com) and a Facebook page (facebook.com/breadsters) where fans can read the latest adventures of a diverse cast of characters. The San Jose Mercury News reports that since the first Breadster comics were published last summer, the strip has grown in popularity among students from the Cupertino Union and Fremont Union High school districts, as well as fans from India, Turkey and New Zealand. Getting the ideas is the hardest part, Maalvika told the paper. But when I do get one, I store them in my brain and when I get home, I quickly jot it down. The eighth-grader first thought of starting a comic strip while on a family trip to India, where she came across some funny and well-drawn cartoons. She hand-draws the strips each week, scans them, and posts them online. And yes, shes aware that hand-drawn comic strips are a vanishing art. In todays day and age, when most kids are into Twitter and talking in 140 characters, or using Vines and YouTube, I feel like I have gone retro, she told the Mercury News. Meanwhile, in related news from the University of Illinois, its International and Area Studies Library is currently expanding its South Asia Comic collection.

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